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Teambuilding for active and motivated businesses
From group to high-performance team

Projects require team work. The most important requirement is the selection of teams, whose members deal honestly and openly with each other.

With our special event ideas in Hamburg, in Northern Germany and all over Europe we create phantastic opportunities for team building and training of teams.

Challenging and unusual activities support development of Team work and Team spirit. Let your employees take part in a dragon boat race or beach olympics on the Elbe Strand in Hamburg.

No matter what event you choose (Nature, Sports, Arts & Culture), we’ll come up with the right concept, once we start discussing the possibilities.

High-performance team climbing in the Alps
Teambuilding-Beispiele auf einen Blick:

  1. Outdoor Trophy
  2. Robin Hood
  3. On the trail of Störtebeker
  4. Mudflat hiking tour with maps
  5. Fun-Olympics
  6. Beach Olympics
  7. Tower-building indoor
  8. GPS-Rallye
  9. Sailing trip

Cycle race
"Teambuilding is more than any common activity: Based on the individual goals we develop activities meeting your needs. We`ll come up with the right concept, once we start discussing the possibilities."
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