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Incentives in Hamburg and all around

Are you looking for an incentive destination in Germany featuring both first-class cultural highlights and outstanding options for incentives and teambuildings?

Think about choosing Hamburg, the green Metropolis at the Elbe and European green capital 2011, as your event destination! Regarding events of several days' duration you can reach the North Sea and the Baltic Sea in 90 respectively 60 minutes.
The direct surrounding of Hamburg (Altes Land and Luneburg Heath) offers further options for as well exciting incentives and team events as for meetings and conferences in a relaxed but productive atmosphere.

Enjoy a concert in the Elbphilharmonie or let your teams be challenged by our beach games at the Elbe strand. Set sails on a traditional sailing ship on the Elbe or the Baltic Sea and try to keep the vessel on course.

Experience the wild nature of the North Sea during a hike from sandbank to sandbank. Teams looking for athletic challenges take part in taster courses in land sailing, surfing or sea kayaking.
You can discover the old town of Lübeck (UNESCO world heritage) during a gps-rallye and on the waterway with our canoes. What about a speed boat safari in the bay of Lübeck as your personal incentive highlight?

Curious? We look forward to receiving your message by e-mail or directly by phone at: +49 (0)40 70 12 18 70.
Incentive highlights at a glance

Die Elbphilharmonie - neues Hamburger Wahrzeichen
The Elbphilharmonie
I. “Cast off!” Toward the North Sea...
Start your sailing adventure right from the landing stage at Elbphilharmonie.
Enjoy the panoramic views of the piers, docks and container terminals.

You can also set sail downstream on the Elbe river toward Blankenese and Wedel and watch the incoming container and cruise ships from a distance.

There certainly will be enough fodder for conversation, and the culinary treats on board will round out a wonderful experience.
Incentive auf der Elbe: Segeltörn mit Traditionssegelschiff
II. Sporty sailing on the Elbe river for small groups
Welcome aboard our racy and agile sailing yacht! If you want to help with setting sails and manning the helm, this trip is just the thing for you. Relaxing and enjoying the colorful harbor scenery is an option as well, naturally.

The “sailor’s feast” on board and the tall stories told by the skipper are highly amusing and put you in a cheerful mood.
    Incentive für bis zu 9 Gästen:
    Sportliches Segeln auf der Elbe

    “Take the helm!” “Aye, aye, Captain!"
    And now there’s no turning back! Now you’re responsible for steering a container ship that enters Hamburg Harbor.
    Although it’s only a ship simulator, the experience is authentic, since all the vital features are present.
    Use the tyfon (ship horn) and maneuver the ship precisely to the quay with the help of a transverse thruster.
    Incentive: Training am Schiffssimulator

    IV. Dragon boat tour on the Alster...
    ...means staff motivation and sporty sightseeing at its best!
    Join up to 17 colleagues on board our sleek and fast wooden boats, which create a sensation not only because of their artistically carved dragon heads. The drummer sets the beat, and in an even rhythm you experience the Alster and its branching canals. The duration of the tour is variable from 2-4 hours; the subsequent race and the paddlers’ barbecue make for an spectacular wrap-up to this exciting team event.
      Incentive für sportliche Gruppen:
      Drachenbootrennen auf der Alster

      V. Too many cooks spoil the soup...
      ... but in this team event, this old adage doesn’t fit, because under the guidance of a professional chef, after about 90 minutes of chopping and slicing, browning and braising, boiling and frying, you will have conjured up a multi-course meal, which promises a culinary treat for the palate. In our wine roulette (see photo on the left), you will learn what wines make the taste adventure perfect.
      We’ll gladly advise you in the selection of a suitable location and a harmonious culinary plan. We’re happy to round out your event with the right live music act.
      Incentive Kochduell mit Weinroulette

      VI. Elbphilharmonie, guarantor of top musical delights
      Both the excellent acoustics of this state-of-the-art concert hall and the internationally renowned artists promise perfect musical enjoyment. We’ll gladly advise you on which ensemble is particularly to be recommended and book seats for you with the best view of the orchestra.
      Die Elbphilharmonie -
      Garant für Musikgenuss auf höchstem Niveau

      VII. In search of vintage and retro...
      ... Tours of Hamburg’s trendy streets in the districts of St. Pauli and Sternschanze are an absolute highlight not only for bargain hunters. You’ll find clothes from the 1970s here, sometimes still in their original packaging, or the latest creations of international designers. The small breaks in between become a real pleasure due to a wide range of different cuisines.

      Incentive im Szeneviertel: Stadtführung durch Insider
      VII. Mega events in the fields of sports & culture
      Hamburg offers not only internationally renowned events such as the annual “Hafengeburtstag” (Harbor Birthday) or the Hamburg Cruise Days. The Deutsches Spring- und Dressur-Derby (German Show Jumping and Dressage Derby), for example, also offers outstanding top-class sports and various VIP packages for discerning groups. In the Barclay Card Arena, the semi-finals of the World Championships in Handball took place in January 2019; and, at the same venue, André Rieu made a great appearance in late February 2019.
      Großereignisse in Hamburg -
      auch für Incentives eine gute Wahl

      Do you want to come to Hamburg with your company? Perhaps you already saw something suitable among the active team building programs described above. Or ask us for more details about our culinary forays, Segway tours, rides in the agile and fast hot rods and the graffiti workshop for your creative highlight.

      We look forward to receiving your message by e-mail or directly by phone at: +49 (0)40 70 12 18 70.
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