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“Meeting Design is not about getting attendees to the right location. It’s about getting in their minds.”
Meetings can only be successful when looking at the meeting process and the participants holistically.
Consequently, in order to be effective, the programme must provide an outstanding experience with long-lasting charakter. It has to connect with participants at a deeper level so that they connect at a deeper level.

The goal of meeting desgin is increasing the outcome of the time and money spent when bringing people together.

Our meeting design concept makes conferences and meetings more efficient and guarantees an exceeding learning effect. It engages participants actively and offers a new creative approach to far more flexible usage of meeting and conference facilities.

Explore our great variety in meeting tools available (please find two examples below) and get inspired to improve the return on investment on your next meeting!
It moves you away from one-way communication by involving and engaging participants.

First example: Pecha Kucha Format:

The goal of this format is avoiding "death by powerpoint". The rule is simple: The speaker is allowed only to use a maximum of 20 slides and to talk for up to 20 seconds per slide.
So the speaker will be talking only about the important information and will be doing it in a way to keep the audience`s attention.

Second example: Open space:

This very interactive format starts without a predefined agenda. Making the agenda by involving the audience will be the first part of an "open space meeting". So everyone is invited to put an item on the meeting agenda
(huge white paper wall) by coming to the front of the room. The wall will become the table of contents. The seating in the room refers to the "produced" topics (one round table, one topic).
The great advantage of this format is, that topics discussed are topics of interest to at least part of the delegates. A problem one wants to discuss probably has been solved already by one of the other delegates.

Are you interested to get to know further information about innovative meeting formats? Please give us a call under +49 (0)40 70 12 18 70 or send us an email. Thank you in advance!

Meeting design arranges for
motivated participants

A modern meeting culture brings
better results
"Are you looking for innovative ideas to develop you company? The most valuable resources are your employees. Make use of their experience and creativity to gain new ideas and approaches. We will give you advice what can be reached by using the different workshop-formats.
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