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"Teambuilding at a glance"
Bridge and tower building indoor ...

... not only in bad weather "team buidling at its best"!

What is this challenging team event about? Each team builds (in the context of a call of tender) a model of a bridge or tower with given material (paper, cardboard, paper clips, cord etc.). The construction needs to meet specific requirements regarding hight respectively length, stability, design, variability, material consumption, sustainability and state of the technology.

The thrilling conclusion of this team building day is the presentation of the different "buildings".

Now it`s your job to convince the jury to place the order with your team!

Bridge building - an ideal team event
in the context of meetings and conferences
Bridge and tower building indoor at a glance:
  • Indoor teambuilding for ambitious teams
  • Fostering creative thinking
  • Providing key skills in communication
  • Program can be adapted to your company`s needs
  • Ideal program for international project teams
  • Motivation guaranteed

  • The finished product and the master-builder

    The ulitmate teambuilding activity presented by our entertainining quizmaster. The whole group will be divided in teams by up to 10 people. Theses quizzes are even more fun when they include rounds about the company and its staff (Name the grown-up is one of our favorites as we display childhood photos of your colleagues).
    It`s also a great conference breaker, a filler between courses over dinners or an activity to a company away day.

    Course of action: Each team will be delivered a radio transmitter. The starting signal will be given and the team as a whole will try to choose the correct answer by pressing the button referring to one of the four given proposals.
    After 45 seconds or so the next question appears on the screen.
    At the end the overall result will be calculated by our computer program. The best teams will be honored and sometimes rewarded by standing ovations …

    Quiz-Challenge as Christmas teamevent
    "Quiz-Challenge" at a glance:
    • Indoor teambuilding for creative teams
    • Fostering creative thinking
    • Providing key skills in discussing and decision making
    • Program can be adapted to your company`s needs
    • Ideal program for bigger groups and as icebreaker during conferences
    • Motivation guaranteed
    • For Groups from 30 to 1.000 people or even more
    Teammate giving her answer
    Targeted by spies

    An event idea for teams looking for the ultimate challenge!  Your  personnel or clients become reluctant espionage agents for the next few  hours. Foreign spies are zeroing in on your trade secrets. Now it’s  time to act fast to plug the leaks and trap the bad guys. A smart phone  becomes your indispensable partner: New clues come in as text messages  and foreign language messages must be translated or decoded. Your  constant goal is to stay one step ahead of the other teams because just  possibly the new technician from your IT department is a double agent. .  .  

    Which team can unmask him . . . ?

    Targeted by spies means everybod becomes
    a special agent
    "Targeted by spies" at a glance:

    • Very Challenging team event
    • Ideal sites are inside of European metropolis
    • Using hightec and brains will be fruitful
    • Optional: Action story referring to your company and the event site
    • For groups of 20-120 participants

    Secret agents carrying fragile freight
    Teambuilding and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Are you looking for an Event Idea with high challenge and lasting impact?

    Become  Managers of a non profit project and make part of your sales available  for funding of a Conservation project. Offer your products or services  through non- traditional sales channels. Notice the rise in Motivation  and sales options which are made possible by "social marketing".

    Your  company or designated team leads the project from start to finish. We  support you in developing a consistent approach to "Point of Sale" and  use of funds and take over the external project management and  evaluation. We are available for an initial telephone brainstorming  session at +49 / (0) 40 - 70 12 18 70. We look forward to your call!

    kingfisher - a threatened species requiring
    crystal clear waters

    "Team building ideas for the future" at a glance:
    • Taking social responsibility
    • Event idea with lasting impact
    • Creative thinking during the process of developing a consistent approach
    • Managing a "real-life-project" guarantees motivation

    Building a children`s playground - social commitment
    combined with teambuilding
    Would you like to inspire your teams? Perhaps the described team building programs are already meeting your needs. Otherwise please require further information on
    "Create your own Popsong",  "Mediaval cooking class" or "Survival strategies in the animal kingdom".

    We look forward to your inquiry by email or give us a call under +49 (0)40 70 12 18 70.
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