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Motivating employees with creative company events

Creative event ideas:
Would you like to awaken the "creative spirits" of your employees with your event?

These team events allow you to give free rein to your ingenuity and craftsmanship.

In this way, you strengthen team spirit and ensure varied meetings and conferences.
Focus on the future with sustainable events
"Creativity is a key function in a rapidly changing world."
Bridge and tower building
Employees at the indoor team event "Bridge building"
Employees at the indoor team event "Bridge building"
Team building at its best, not just in bad weather!

What is this challenging team event about? Each team builds a model of a bridge or tower (as part of a "tender") using specified materials (paper, cardboard, glue, paper clips, string, etc.), which must fulfil certain criteria:

Height or length, stability, design, variability and expandability, material consumption, sustainability and state of the art are to be designed according to the specifications.

The final presentation will be a real show-stopper! Show the jury why your building is the most convincing and why you should be awarded the "real" contract.
Bridge and tower building at a glance:
    • Indoor team building for demanding teams
    • Can also be used as team and creativity training
      • Attractive conference programme for international teams
      • Motivation of the teams guaranteed
      Teamevent Quizshow
      Mitarbeiterin beim Teamevent Quizshow
      The ultimate team-building activity, moderated by our quizmaster!  The entire group is divided into teams of up to 10 people.  

      This quiz is most fun when questions are asked about the company and even the employees ("Name this teenager!" is our favourite here: match your colleagues to the pictures shown from their youth ...).

      You can also use this event concept to liven up your conference, as a welcome change between courses at a gala dinner or as an activity as part of your staff event.

      How the quiz works: Each team receives a transmitter. The starting signal sounds and each team tries to choose the right answer from a selection of correct answers as quickly as possible.

      Once the decision has been made, the answer is transmitted by briefly pressing the transmitter and after 45 seconds the game moves on to the next question.
      Finally, the final result is determined and the best teams are honoured at the awards ceremony.
      Quiz-Challenge at a glance
        • Indoor team building for creative teams.
        • Attractive supporting programme for employee events such as company outings, Christmas parties and incentives
        • For communicative teams.
        • Content can be customised to suit your company.

            • Ideal entertainment for larger groups and as an icebreaker at conferences.
            • Motivation guaranteed!
            • For groups of 30 - 1,000 participants or even more.
            Team cooking
            Employees cooking at a team event
            A delicious soup at the team event cookery
            Many cooks spoil the broth, ...

            ... but at this team event everything is different, because after about 90 minutes of chopping, slicing, sautéing, steaming, boiling and roasting under the guidance of a professional chef, you will conjure up a multi-course menu that promises to delight the palate.

            During the wine roulette with a sommelier, you will learn how the skilful matching of food and wine rounds off the flavour experience.

            We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right location and a harmonious culinary concept.

            We will be happy to complement your event with suitable live musical acts or harmonious entertainment.
            Team cooking at a glance:
              • Develop the "culinary team spirit"
              • Can be held in a wide variety of locations and destinations
                • Try out and develop all your senses
                • Team cooking creates a sense of community and identity
                Targeted by spies
                Employees as agents at the "007 team event"
                Employees solving a task as part of an agent event
                An event idea for teams looking for the ultimate challenge!  Your  personnel or clients become reluctant espionage agents for the next few hours.
                Foreign spies are zeroing in on your trade secrets. Now it’s  time to act fast to plug the leaks and trap the bad guys. A smart phone becomes your indispensable partner: New clues come in as WhatsApp messages and foreign language messages must be translated or decoded. Your constant goal is to stay one step ahead of the other teams because just  possibly the new technician from your IT department is a double agent. .  .  

                Which team can unmask him . . . ?
                Targeted by spies at a glance:
                  • Demanding and challenging team event
                  • Ideal locations are major European cities and metropolises
                  • High-tech and brains lead to success
                    • Action story with reference to the company and the destination possible
                    • High tension until the very end
                    • For groups of 20 -120 people
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