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Teambuilding in the Harz mountains
Teambuilding in the Harz Mountains: Mountainbiking and kayaking (day 1)
Short, steep climbs, rapid downhill runs, right  at the start of this Team event you’ll learn to appreciate the  stable-terrain tires and suspension of the Mountain bikes. Expect  additional action when stopping at the "snoring cliffs" (granite rocks,  which even in "Faust" are memorialized!). This rock formation is made  for Climbing in natural rock. Success in this endeavor, initially not  thought possible, motivates to take part in a daring Kayak trip of "The  Witches ride" on the Oker (depending on the water level). Would you like  to improve your team spirit? Then take part in our thrilling outdoor  trophy with activities such as archery, "team-skiing" (five persons  moving forward on big wooden "skies") and ziplining (please see picture below).

Now  labeled "outdoor experts", set out for a stylish  cottage at about 800m altitude near Brocken Mountain. The stew,  authentically prepared over an open fire, is the successful completion  of your first "adventure day ".

Group of mountainbikers in the Harz: Outdoor
sports at its best
rockclimbing - incentive for the courageous
participants -
Teambuilding in the Harz Mountains: Of miners and silver mines, legends & myths (day 2)
"Good luck!" This traditional miner’s greeting is the beginning of your "journey" into the subterranean Harz. Find out about Upper Harz Ore Shipping, and experience the tough working life of miners in the "Miner’s Decathlon".

Next stop is the legendary and romantic Bodetal. Embark on a search for traces of a special kind on a hike to Rosstrappe, where you’ll find out what gave this mystical place its name. The trail leads through rugged cliffs formed by the deep valley with its impressive flora and fauna. After a transfer and filled with many new impressions, you’ll arrive at Wernigerode, where Knight Bodo will ask you to dine with him. Travel back into the 17th Century while enjoying a six-course Knight's Dinner in the historical cellar; we promise you that it won’t be dull, because the jugglers, fire eaters and minstrels provide fun and variety.
Abseiling in the Harz mountains:
A top-class experience!
Highspeed-ziplining in the Harz mountains
Incentive Für Zweier-Teams: Mit Highspeed dem Ziel entgegen auf der Doppelseilrutsche
"Are you looking for a centrally located meeting destination in Germany? The distance from Hamburg to the Harz mountains is about 265 km, from Berlin 258 km, from Düsseldorf 345 km an from Frankfurt 301 km. The Harz mountains offer a varying low mountain range landscape and an old tradition of mining. Take part in our teambuilding and incentive programs!"
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