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"Dolce Vita" between Cote d`Azur and Tuscany
Picturesque  bays frame the azure-blue Mediterranean, a dolphin near the coast of Liguria (pictured below), year-round mild climate, cultural and  historical sites of world renown, and most important the Italian "dolce vita" make Liguria the top destination for Incentives & Meetings  in Northern Italy.

The diversity of the landscape  and partly still untouched nature offer excellent opportunities for  Active Programs. Set off on a search for "Moby Dick" while  Whale-Watching aboard a sailing boat, or show off your cooking skills in  "Team Cooking" at an agriturismo.

Following are just a few suggestions for fantastic programs in Liguria.

How to get to Liguria

If  your destination is in western Liguria, the best airport for your  arrival would be Nice. It will take about 90 minutes by bus to reach the  Riviera. Genoa is the preferred airport for destinations further east. A  bus ride to glamorous Portofino will take approximately 60 minutes. If  you are a multinational group, Milan airport would be your best choice.

Accommodation and Locations in Liguria

  • Choose  your accommodation at "Castello" which is situated at water’s edge and  allows for fantastic views of the Ligurian coast.  The private beach and  park-like grounds invite to relax or participate in active programs.
  • Villa  Chiossone: This villa, situated along the promenade of Genoa, has been completely renovated and is ideal for meetings of up to 160 people.  You have an absolutely fantastic view from the terrace overlooking the  sea.
  • "Aquario di Genova": The perfect place for a gala dinner at the Dolphinarium.

Balliardo -
mountain village in the Ligurian Alps

View from the Grand Hotel Savoia

Porto Fino at the Ligurian Coast
Culture & Cuisine, Land & People

  • Join in an event-filled tour of UNESCO World Heritage Site "Cinque Terre".
  • Take a Cooking Class at an Italian country estate.
  • Tour  a small Ligurian town that for the past ten years has been awarded the  title of "ecological community" by the EU and is committed to  organically grown and local Ligurian products.
  • Take part in a photo rally in Genoa's old town.
  • Participate  in Wine Tasting at a wine growing estate which also has a wine museum.  Find out more about the intricacies of the Italian wine culture and the  differences between the AOC and DOCG.
  • For the nocturnal: Go Fishing with a Ligurian fisherman.

Active and team building events in Liguria

  • Take  part in a Vespa ride through the spectacular landscape of the Ligurian  hinterland. Discover villages, where life hasn’t changed for centuries  and where old traditions and craftsmanship still exist.
  • Cruise in a sailboat or Catamaran to remote bays with the option for Deep Sea Fishing.
  • Participate in a downhill race on Mountain bikes in the high mountains - the ultimate challenge for sports enthusiasts!

Nature & Outdoor Events and Relaxation

  • Summit  Tour: a two day hike in the "Monti Liguri", overnight stay in a rustic  self-service cabin and a climb to the 3,000 meter summit. This is truly a  time and place to contemplate what is really important in life…
  • Whale-Watching:  The highlight for all nature lovers! An expert guide will lead you on  the trail of Sperm Whales, the second largest living creatures on our  planet.

Climbing in the Ligurian Alps
Delphin-Watching at the Ligurian Coast

Via Ferrata in the Ligurian Alps
Would you like to plan your next conference in an historic setting? Are  you looking for nature and cultural programs far away from the usual  tourist sites? Or would you like to plan your next workshop in complete  isolation in the Ligurian Alps?
Please give us a call and we will be  happy to work with you on your personal agenda.
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