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Exceptional ideas for team building and team training 2024

Active and outdoor events
Have you had enough of video conferences and do your employees want a "real" meeting again?

Active team building can revitalise lost familiarity and strengthen employee loyalty to the company.

This also has a positive effect on cooperation within the company, making it easier to reach agreements in day-to-day project work.

Give your company a boost with our special team-building ideas for Hamburg, northern Germany and other European countries.
Real challenges for active teams
A company is only as good as the trust and co-operation!
Outdoor Trophy
Employee doing archery during a team event
Rescuing an "injured person" during outdoor training
... a sporting challenge which requires concentration, endurance and flexibility.

Various tasks are performed on an obstacle, mountain biking and rope parcours.  The successful team is characterized by good interaction and  improvisation skills. During archery in a forest clearing or throwing of  a boomerang you can put your accuracy to the test.

Competent care by the highly motivated Eckhardt Events team ensures rapid results and competitions put ambition to the test. During multi-day events you  enjoy "Wilderness Cuisine" by the campfire and sleep after a night walk in self-made "accommodations" in the open air.
Outdoor Trophy" at a glance:
      • Teambuilding und Teamtraining in der Natur
      • Authentische Herausforderungen
      • Kollegen unterstützen
      • sportlich aktiv sein
        • Erfolgserlebnisse feiern
        • Ungeahnte Fähigkeiten entdecken!
        • Für Gruppen von 6-180 Personen
        • in Deutschland und Europa möglich
      Fun Olympics
      Two successful employees at a team event
      Employee at the kickboard race in Hamburg's harbour city
      Are you ready for challenges that will demand everything from you?

      An open space in the countryside or on your company premises is all you need for the "Fun Olympics" action highlight.
      The whole team is needed to overcome the following challenges.

      It's all about speed and ball skills, team spirit and creativity, e.g. in the following activities:
      Team run of a special kind, archery, Segway - course, Frisbee - challenge, team skiing, sprint quiz, Kubb, goal wall shooting and human - table - football, mountain bike - skill race, tug of war and crossing the "acid pond".

      The "running sheet" is always included and the "winners" are determined at the end. The "Funniest Team" and the "Mishaps, Bad Luck and Breakdown Team" are also honoured here. Of course, we also mention "outstanding" individual performances.
      Fun Olympics at a glance:
          • Sportliches Teambuilding
          • Zusammenarbeit ausprobieren
          • Kollegen unterstützen
          • Vertrauen aufbauen
          • Celebrate a sense of achievement
          • Discover team strengths!
          • For 10-400 participants
          • possible in Germany and Europe
          Sailing Trip
          traditional sailing ship on the Baltic Sea
          Employees setting sail on a traditional sailing ship
          Cast off for a sailing trip on the Baltic Sea, the French Riviera or the Croatian islands!

          Join in and you will experience sailing, manoeuvring and navigation, i.e. "practical seamanship" at first hand.
          Feel the incredible power of wind and waves when it comes to keeping the ship on course.

          Intermediate theory sessions on topics such as knots, navigation and meteorology round off your "training" on board. Why not put your newly acquired knowledge to good use in rough seas, an exciting sailing regatta or an on-board rally?

          Working together as a team creates a sense of togetherness and strengthens team spirit.
          On trips lasting several days, you will spend the night on board and prepare a delicious meal together.
          Sailing Trip at a glance:
            • Mastering challenges; learning and applying new things
            • Support colleagues and take on responsibility
            • be active in sports, but also ...
            • ... Time for relaxation & enjoyment
              • Various boat types for groups of up to 120 people
              • Areas: Baltic Sea, Müritz, Mediterranean, Adriatic Sea
              • Incentive highlight: sailing regatta
              • Self-catering on board as a team activity
              • Multi-day trips with overnight stay possible
              Raft Building
              Employees during raft building team event
              Employee team with the self-built raft on the Alster in Hamburg
              We are supposed to build a workable raft from this heap of material and get safely to the other side of the sea? Impossible!

              Unfortunately,  there are no other means of transportation available. So let's get to it. First, we sort the required material: ropes, wooden planks,  floats.... Other “raw materials” we find in the surrounding area.

              In a “strategy meeting” we flesh out a project plan and schedule and  assign the tasks to individual sub-teams. These coordination processes already put me and my colleagues through the acid test.

              Soon we will start with the assembly of the individual parts. We have to start over again from scratch several times, and doubts about the  sustainability of our floats are growing. But our collaboration is  constantly improving, and after a little over two hours, we launch the  raft....
              Raft Building at a glance:
                • Team building par excellence
                • Also well suited for team training
                • Support colleagues and find compromises
                  • Being creative and having the courage to try things out
                  • Dealing with failure
                  • Completing a project together and celebrating success
                  Beach Olympics
                  Employee throwing a frisbee during a team event on the beach in Travemünde
                  Employees doing limbo during company beach event
                  A large sandy beach, e.g. on the North Sea or Baltic Sea, is the ideal location for our Beach Olympics

                  It's all about sport, but tactics and strategy are also required for every task! Coordinate in your teams to get through the obstacle course with as few mistakes as possible.

                  Who has the best "touch" for the frisbees and the highest accuracy? Versatile teams have an advantage in beach golf, tug-of-war, stunt kite flying and beach volleyball.
                  Smaller groups also enjoy beach sailing or beach buggy riding.

                  Catering is provided on the beach during the day. The captain's dinner in the evening is the perfect end to an eventful day, before you - after the award ceremony and no doubt a little exhausted - make your way home.
                  Beach Olympics at a glance:
                      • Teambuilding am Strand, an Nord- und Ostsee und europaweit
                      • Spaß steht im Vordergrund
                      • Herausforderungen meistern und Kollegen unterstützen
                      • Incentive highlight: beach sailing
                      • Coctail workshop on the beach
                      • suitable for groups up to 400 people
                      With Paddle & Pedal
                      Canoeists on a canoe trip on the Luhe
                      Employees with mountain bikes at a team event
                      "Experience" the special features of unspoilt natural landscapes from different perspectives.

                      In groups of two to five people, you steer your canoe through the current of the river; co-operation and coordination are not only required in tight bends. The canoe slalom offers variety and fun at "half-time".
                      After a rustic picnic, the subsequent cycle tour on idyllic paths is an unforgettable nature experience.

                      However, if you are looking for the ultimate sporting kick, we recommend our European destinations, especially the South of France, Slovenia and Croatia.
                      As part of incentives, for example, there are excellent opportunities to explore the Alps or the unspoilt Croatian hinterland.

                      You will appreciate the robust suspension forks of our e-mountain bikes and the stable white-water boats also ensure safe progress.
                      With Paddle & Pedal at a glance:
                        • Be active in a variety of sports
                        • Experience nature
                        • Support colleagues
                          • Ideal for company outings and incentives
                          • For groups of 10-300 people
                          • possible in Germany and Europe
                          Employees making a fire without technical aids during survival training
                          Employee climbing during a survival event
                          Are you looking for a "real" team-building adventure with an uncertain outcome for your employees?

                          Then embark on an expedition that challenges teamwork, creativity and the knowledge of each individual.
                          Every new "challenge" that is passed boosts motivation and whets the appetite for more...

                          With inadequate maps but functioning compasses, you will be travelling cross-country through rough terrain, with the next stage destination and the next "test" always in sight.

                          Try to make a fire and obtain water naturally without any technical aids. When building a bridge over a stream, you literally work "hand in hand".
                          You will have passed another test when you hit the target with your axe for the first time ... Step by step, a group becomes a real team ...
                          Survival at a glance:
                            • Out of the comfort zone
                            • Facing authentic challenges
                            • Supporting colleagues
                              • Ideal training for high-performance teams
                              • For groups of up to 50 people
                              • possible throughout Europe
                              Robin Hood
                              Employee throwing stones during a team event
                              Employees abseiling during a team-building event
                              Varied scenery and vast forests are the ideal terrain for this event.

                              Just arrived, you hear a cry for help. Robin Hood needs support and looks for trusted allies to liberate an oppressed village! Various Teams are formed in a hurry and are on their way equipped with map & compass.

                              Many difficult challenges await the daring candidates ... Mental and athletic challenges are to be overcome. Skill is required to cross an obstacle with the help of a rope. Team spirit is always in demand, and with a little luck you will also find the hiding place of Robin Hood, provided, however, that you can decipher the directions ...

                              In the end each team has reached the target, but not before all group members have crossed the "Mohawkwalk" without touching the ground (a truly extraordinary experience). At least a bunch of "wild boys" has become a real team!

                              Except the final evaluation by Robin Hood himself! Who has managed to be accepted into the team of "the rebels"? Afterwards during a barbecue the "chosen ones" are initiated into the mysteries of the "Sherwood Forest".
                              Robin Hood at a glance:
                                • Team event with an exciting action story
                                • Sporty nature experience
                                • Strengthen team spirit
                                  • No GPS, but a map & compass
                                  • Not just for "real blokes" ...
                                  • To finish, barbecue in the original yurt tent
                                  Pirates Event
                                  Employee team in a water pistol competition during a team event on the Baltic Sea beach
                                  Recovery of a so-called "bomb" during team building on the beach
                                  As soon as you arrive at the beach, you will find a mysterious bottle. You have to open this bottle carefully and with utmost dexterity!

                                  Finally you look at the message you’ll found inside the bottle: A descendant of Klaus Störtebeker has sent a desperate cry for help. He and his "allies" are looking for daring players to take part in the following "projects" in the Frisian Wadden Sea  (Friesisches Wattenmeer). It is rumored that a cruise ship off Sylt is  to be attacked, as valuable diamonds are suspected on board ship.

                                  Potential team members are being evaluated by participating at various team competitions regarding their suitability for this delicate mission. You’ll defend your sand castle, cross a tidal creek (Priel) by using a special wooden structure, recognize birds by listening to their voices, show your strength by pushing stones, and decipher Morse code.

                                  The highlight of all this activity is the construction of a boat made  out of simple materials! Only those will be included in the Pirate-Team  who will find a buried treasure with historical maps on the beach!

                                  In  the evening the strongest teams and most outstanding individuals will  be personally evaluated by Störtebeker’s descendants and initiated into  next day’s mission...
                                  Teambuilding with pirates at a glance:
                                  • Ideal for team building on the North Sea or Baltic Sea
                                  • Exciting action story
                                    • Für Gruppen bis zu 120 Personen
                                    • Mit sportlichen Aktivitäten kombinierbar
                                    High ropes course
                                    Two employees team building in the high ropes course
                                    Mitarbeiter beim Teambuilding im Hochseilgarten
                                    a very special experience!

                                    "Even on the way to the training ground I am a little nervous. The tension reaches its peak at the sight of up to 12 meter high tree trunks. I am supposed to climb up there without any help, unbelievable!"

                                    After the so-called "Low-Ropes Exercises" which are very good for Team training, we carefully approach the "High Ropes parcours". "We have mastered the " Mohawkwalk" quite well, but at the sight of the "Burma Bridge" I go a little soft in my knees. But as before, I am right away okay balancing on the thin rope to traverse 15 meters from post to post. A little later I "conquer" the coaching Bridge with my partner at my side. Pride in these achievements makes me hungry for more ... ."
                                    High ropes course at a glance:
                                      • Team building with an adrenalin kick
                                      • Set goals, achieve goals
                                      • Making more possible as a team
                                        • Develop confidence in yourself and your colleagues
                                        • As team training or pure motivation event
                                        • Low-ropes exercises suitable for everyone
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