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Teamtrainingsaufgabe "Blinde Schlange"
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Outdoor Teamtraining for chief physicians
Assembling a cross functional management team

The medical and administrative management of a university hospital wanted to improve cooperation and exchanges between the disciplines. A personal meeting with the customer clarified their specific objectives: competitiveness should be a thing of the past and give way to a productive, patient-oriented collaboration.

All chief physicians were invited to an "outdoor training" which had the incentive to come together to solve problems and to face new challenges.

The "ongoing A" was meant to guide a colleague on a wooden structure through an obstacle course (see photo below on the left); we mastered this task thanks to the cooperation of all involved.

Salvaging a fake bomb required in addition to the mandatory Teamwork also the temporary ability to subordinate and to implement instructions ...

"Relying blindly on each other" was a little later on the program by laying a "rope square" (see photo below in the middle). Clear communication and successful coordination led to an almost perfect result thanks to the previously gained experiences. We took advantage of this first real success for an in depth reflection and discussed the success factors for team collaboration.

The highly motivated participants took part in the final task of building a rope bridge across a stream. For this final challenge we wanted to incorporate all the experiences gained at the previous tasks.

For the first time we proceeded according to plan and the opinion of each individual was taken into consideration. After two hours of intense cooperation all participants crossed to the other side of the river on dry foot: "Mission accomplished!" "Unbelievable, I never thought we could do it!" We heard this more than once ...

The "running A", a challenging
team task for 7 teammates
Blindfolded teammates are laying a square

Crossing a river with a home-made
rope bridge
"Would you like to enhance team communication and leadership behaviour? We will tell you how outdoor trainings will support the development of your teams."
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