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Sporty Teambuilding in Hamburg at a glance
Are you planning a multi-day event in Hamburg and looking for a  sporty teambuilding activities boosting cooperation and teamspirit? On this page you find some of our popular event ideas for company events and incentives.

Canoe tour on the Alster canals in Hamburg
"With Paddle & Pedal" at a glance:
  • Experience Hamburg individually
  • Ideal for getting to know Hamburg's exclusive residential areas
  • sports program; well suited for beginning paddlers. Optional: Paddle race
  • combination with bike tour provides for variety
  • For Groups of 30 to 150 participants

With Paddle and Pedal on the Alster

Come with us on a tour discovering the green parts of Hamburg! Start with your canoe tour in Poppenbüttel, for example, and paddle your way through one of the most beautiful and exclusive residential areas of Hamburg. Relax with a picnic at an idyllic spot, before the second stage with a bike tour offers more intriguing and surprising impressions and discoveries. An event rich with all kinds of adventures will be crowned by a delicious barbecue at the end.

Company outing as biking trip
on a bikeway close to the Alster

Ready to go for a canoe tour on the outer Alster
in Hamburg
"Canoe Adventure" at a glance:
  • The alternative to an alster boat-trip
  • Ideal to get to know the outer Alster and the city centre
  • boats from 1-18 persons available
  • combination with fun olympics provides for variety
  • For Groups from 20-300 persons

Discover the Alster river in Hamburg by canoe or by dragon boat!

Hamburg - the green metropolis, abounding in water, and situated at the Elbe. We invite you to a Canoe trip on the Alster with its multitude of canals.

This tour is suitable for beginners, advanced paddlers like to take the Dragon boat (see picture below). After detailed briefing on paddling techniques you'll dare to enter the water accompanied by a member of the Eckhardt Events team. With three to six persons per boat right from the start Team spirit and coordination are required. Our guide is always there for you, not only in an "emergency". Gradually your techniques improve and the coordination in the canoes as well. You’ll experience the Alster, Stadtparksee, the outer Alster and the well-known Feenteich (exclusive residential area). From your water view you’ll really get to know and appreciate "green Hamburg". Overhanging willows, gray herons and other waterfowl, Hamburg reveals right in its center unexpectedly Nature's magic! Various spots invite to relax, watch the sailing boats on the outer Alster, or just drift along...

Soon we reach Stadtparksee and a Picnic rejuvenates everyone. Then it's back into the boats. We are seeing other interesting sights while gliding through the Leinpfad and Isebek canals.

Teamevent "dragon boat race"
on the Alster in Hamburg

Company outing "Fun Olympics" with
hand truck racing in the "Hamburger Stadtpark"

"Fun-Olympics" at a glance:

Company event "Fun Olympics": Teambuilding and more ...!

Fun and excitement without limits are promised at our Fun Olympics.

Intellectual  and athletic agility and, above all, Team spirit are required. An open  space in nature (forest clearing, meadow) or at your company grounds ist  the ideal place for this "Action-Highlight" for 8-800 persons.

The  individual is challenged, but the result of the team always counts.  During selection of the "team" creativity and spontaneity are called  for. The starting bell rings and the race begins ...

It`s all about speed and feel for the ball, team spirit and flexibility at

  1. Team run of a special kind
  2. Archery
  3. Throwing of tea bags
  4. Frisbee - Golf
  5. Ski-run
  6. Throwing of cans
  7. Goal wall shooting and Human - table - football
  8. Mountain bike skill racing
  9. Tug of war
  10. bull riding and bungee-run
  11. Hand truck racing
  12. and crossing of the "acid pond"

The  race card is always present and at the end the "winners have been  choosen". Here the "funniest team" and the "failures, bad luck and  breakdown teams" are also honored. "Outstanding" individuals will, of  course, also be mentioned.

Teambuilding and table soccer

Teambuilding for secret agents
"Targeted by spies" at a glance:
  • Demanding and challenging team event
  • A thrilling experience in the city center of Hamburg
  • Hightec und brains are the road to success
  • Action Story related to the company is possible
  • For groups of 20-120 participants
Targeted by spies
An event idea for teams looking for the ultimate challenge! Your colleagues or clients become reluctant espionage agents for the next few hours. Foreign spies are zeroing in on your trade secrets. Now it’s time to act fast to plug the leaks and trap the bad guys. A smart phone becomes your indispensable partner: New clues come in as text messages and foreign language messages must be translated or decoded. Your constant goal is to stay one step ahead of the other teams because just possibly the new technician from your IT department is a double agent. . .

Which team can unmask him . . . ?

Secret agents - teambuilding event:
Difusing a "bomb"

Beach Olympiade mit Teamskilauf am Elbestrand bei Blankenese in Hamburg
Beach Olympics with team-skiing at the Elbe in Hamburg
"Beach Games on the Elbe Strand" at a glance:
  • Passing tankers and cruise ships create an absolutely unique setting
  • combination with bike tour and harbor safari provides for variety
  • Getting to the event location (Elbe Strand) by ship is possible
  • For groups of 30-60 participants
  • Optional: Evening agenda with barbecue, award ceremony and beach party
Teambuilding on the Elbe Strand
We bring the beach almost into the city. . . The Elbe Strand at Blankenese in Hamburg offers an ideal location for superlative team building programs with meeting, congress, exhibition, seminar, or conference groups. Passing tankers and cruise ships create an absolutely unique setting that will undoubtedly captivate you, too. For warm-ups, groups practice teamwork in a giant ski race, beach golf means keeping one’s eye on the ball, and at the treasure hunt with GPS receivers and metal detectors, speed and intuition win.

Will you be there for the wind-up party on the beach?

Teambuilding frisbee-challenge during
beach olympics

Archer aiming at the target
"GPS treasure hunting at a glance:
  • Teambuilding in the nature
  • A program that is multifaceted and downright thrilling
  • The starting point can be reached from Hamburg by public transport
  • Activities such as archery and how to throw a boomerang
  • Evening agenda with barbecue and award ceremony
  • For groups of 25-250 participants
GPS-Rallye in the Harburg Mountains

Off you go on a trip bursting with challenges and surprises! You will be on a team and together you'll find the right spots in the terrain by using GPS receivers and serendipity.

And that's not all! Various team tasks demanding creative solutions and communication within the team, which decide upon success or failure, will add even greater pizzazz to the active day.

Solve puzzles of nature, showcase your knowledge in the animal voice quiz, prove your team spirit on the giant ski run, find the most elegant solution while passing through the spider's web and demonstrate the sensitivity of your hands when feeling out things of nature. Many more team activities are possible (e.g. the running A, boomerang throwing and shooting with bow and arrows).

The Eckhardt Events Team, always motivated and offering guaranteed fun, will attend to everything immediately upon your arrival at the venue!

Team task "hay bale rolling"
during outdoor event

"Boßel-Challenge" in "Altes Land" close to Hamburg
"Boßeln" at a glance:
  • Convivial team event in "Altes Land" (located in the sout-west of Hamburg)
  • Can be combined with a round trip through "Altes Land" or a visit to the Airbus plant.
  • For groups of 20-70 participants
  • Optional: barn party to end the day with products made from local produce

"Boßeln", the Northern German respectively Frisian way of teambuilding
“Bosseln,” originally a sport from East Frisia, has become widespread in all of Northern Germany. Conviviality and fun are no less important than the victory. The goal is to roll a small hard rubber ball into the goal in as few throws as possible. Small teams work together while hiking.
At least two groups compete – the more “bossel” groups there are, the greater the excitement and fun. The “bossel” route guides you through fields and orchards. At half-distance, you fortify yourself with a picnic, soup or coffee and cake. The mandatory handcart carrying food and beverages is always on the scene.... The award ceremony at the destination is celebrated in proper style with homemade cider.
Mitarbeiterteam bei der stilechten Siegerehrung einer Boßeltour
Award ceremony adapted to the local customs
Are you planning a stay with your company in Hamburg? Perhaps the specified active teambuilding programs are already meeting your needs. Otherwise please ask us for further details regarding our RIB-Boot-Adventure, sailing trip on the Elbe or high ropes climbing in the rigging of an old steamship.
We look forward to your inquiry by email or give us a call under +49 (0)40 70 12 18 70.
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