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"Successful meetings!"
The successful conference

Are you planning the annual kick-off-meeting at the beginning of the new fiscal year, the quarterly meeting of the sales teams or a strategy workshop to adjust your companie`s processes?

We`ll support you with the decisive factors of success for productive meetings.

Konferenzmanagement: Erfolgsfaktor AV-Technik
Factors of success for productive meetings
  • Event management software to simplify the planning, the organization, realization and follow-up of the meeting
  • The suitable destination (country, region, city etc.)
  • Appropriate accessability (international airports, highways, railroad stations) and transportation of the group on-site
  • Hotel capacities (sufficient quantity and good quality)
  • Availability of the conference rooms or venue (space, techniqual equipment, quality of service,…)
  • Techniqual equipment (AV-technique) such as sound system, wireless microphones, screens or video-walls
  • Teambuilding and entertainment programs

Do you require addtional information? Then give us a call at +49 / (0) 40 / 70 12 18 70. We look forward to hearing from you!

Innovative Meetings: The road to success!
Moderation of conferences and meetings
Have you considered the classic success factors for meetings already? And have you prepared the meeting design, whether classic or innovative?

In that case, we will be glad to advise you on the use of a moderator or “facilitator.” He or she will give the finishing touches to the entire event or to the implementation of specific “sessions.”

This not only makes for more effectiveness and fun, it also creates a productive and creativity-focused atmosphere. This way, “bridges are built” and reticence among people reduced. Actively-involved participants create results during the meetings that will actually carry the company forward.

Successful meetings require a
professional moderator
Innovative Meeting-Design

Do conferences and meetings constitute a vital foundation for the success of your business? Do you want to make more of these events in the light of a tight time schedule? Why not try out innovative methods!

“Lecturing” is a thing of the past! Today, more and more creative, cross-hierarchical formats (e.g. open space, fish bowl, WARP conference) are becoming accepted, which have one thing in common: the active involvement of the participants. This way, everybody benefits from the individual know-how of each individual and new ideas with majority appeal will become the foundation of future projects.

The personal contact of the participants with one another is and will always remain the necessary basis. The integration of mobile apps is only selectively done here.

Innovation at play - modern meeting design
requires a creative approach
Do you prefer conference setting which enables productivity and motivated delegates? The first step will be going without "Lecturing" and posting of to-do lists and goals. Participants being involved and follower will turn into leaders. We tell you how that works.
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