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Motivating employees with sustainable company events

Sustainable event ideas:
Would you like your event to be more than just team-building and fun?

Then start your journey out of the consumer-orientated mainstream and into nature, leaving all unnecessary technical aids at home.

A day in nature that opens your eyes to essential things that would otherwise remain hidden.

Take away creative food for thought that will also inspire your daily work.
Focus on the future with sustainable events
"The future is sustainable and ensures the competitiveness of your company."
Nature adventure
Sea eagle watching during a team event in nature
Two employees watch birds during an incentive at the North Sea
Set out on the trail of nature in the most fascinating natural landscapes in Central Europe and show whether you have what it takes to be a "ranger".

Why not get to know the Halligen islands in the North Frisian Wadden Sea with their characteristic flora and fauna, the unique lake landscape of the Müritz National Park or the Mercantour National Park in the French Maritime Alps.
But we are also sure to find a landscape worth discovering on your own doorstep.

Depending on the landscape, you will reach various activity sites on a course in small groups on foot, by bike (e-mountain bikes in mountainous areas), off-road Segway, horse-drawn carriage or canoe. Let yourself be surprised by what there is to discover and find out why our survival depends less on raw materials than on the presence of insects.

As part of a multi-day company event, e.g. a conference or an incentive, "On the trail of nature" is the ideal activity for the first day to familiarise yourself with the region you are visiting.

Or combine this event idea with a nature conservation campaign as part of your corporate social responsibility event and create a biotope for endangered animals and plants.
Nature adventure at a glance:
    • Get involved with nature and
    • ... discover spectacular natural landscapes
    • Reflect on the essentials
      • ... technical aids stay at home
      • possible everywhere, in Germany, Europe or "on your doorstep"
      With sense and understanding
      Nature observation incentive: Kingfisher lurking for prey
      4 Kinder auf neugebautem Abenteuerspielplatz: Eine sinnvolle Idee für nachhaltige Incentives und Teambuildings
      New ideas for a different time, and team building is also included ...!

      Are you looking for an event idea with a high level of challenge and a lasting effect?

      Then take on corporate and social responsibility as part of an event.

      Part of your event budget goes towards a credible environmental or social project. As a "ranger", you can design a biotope or build an adventure playground for children together with your team and perhaps also customers.

      Away from conventional fun events, you will experience an unexpected motivational boost that will unite the team members and really weld them together - that's a promise!

      We support you in developing a coherent concept that fits your industry, company philosophy and participants.
      Events with sense & understanding at a glance
        • A corporate event that demonstrates social responsibility and really stands out from the crowd
        • Creativity right from the brainstorming stage
        • Taking responsibility as a team is fun and creates identity
          • Can also be used (carefully) as an internal and external marketing event
          • Variety of concepts from all areas of society
          From sandbank to sandbank
          Incentive in the Wadden Sea: Hike on the North Sea near Sankt Peter Ording
          Group of mudflat hikers at a team event on the North Sea
          ... a real outdoor adventure in the Frisian Wadden Sea that is guaranteed to challenge every team! Because technical aids are only available in an emergency.

          First we familiarise you with the special conditions and dangers of the Wadden Sea. You will then plan your tour and familiarise yourself with special maps, the expected water levels and weather conditions.

          Perfectly equipped with tidal flat socks, binoculars, a change of clothes and always close to the professional tidal flat guides (additional help is of course available in case of emergency), you will find your way through tidal flats and channels and finally reach the first sandbank. After a short break, you continue on to find the next point of contact. With a bit of luck, you may spot typical animals of the Wadden Sea such as harbour seals, seals, waders and terns.

          The way back must now be planned quickly before the rising water makes this impossible, a race against time begins and puts the teams to an authentic test. Only the teams that plan calmly and with a clear head will reach the "rescuing" mainland in time without help ...

          For "daring" teams, hikes from island to island are also possible, for example from Amrum to Föhr.
          From sanbank to sandbank at a glance:
            • The ultimate team adventure in the great outdoors - it doesn't get much more authentic than this!
            • For courageous teams who want to leave their comfort zone
              • Challenging accompanying conference programme at the North Sea
              • Can also be used for team development
              With map & compass
              Manager using a map and compass for orientation during an outdoor training course
              Guide for orientation in the terrain with topographical map
              Are you looking for orientation for future company projects and sometimes lack the courage to take unusual paths?

              This outdoor adventure will bring out the hidden resources of your team.

              Navigation devices and navigation-capable smartphones are left behind and after a comprehensive briefing on orientation using only a map and compass (we're not just talking about standard compasses here), the adventure tour begins, the outcome of which will be uncertain.

              You cross a large wooded area and try to find terrain points. Further tasks await you at the target points, such as crossing the spider's web, bridging the acid pond with the help of slacklines and other aids.
              With logistical skill, team spirit and ingenuity, you will achieve success.

              Map & Compass" is a team event away from "prefabricated" orientation rallies that takes team communication and cohesion to the next level. Are you taking part?
              With map & compass at a glance:
              • Team building par excellence
              • Also well suited for team training
              • Making decisions in a team

                • Be creative and have the courage to try things out
                • Taking back wrong decisions
                • Reaching the goal together
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