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First-class show acts for company events
Are you planning a special evening event sweeping your guests off their feet?

An atmoshperic location and excellent culinary options are very important; but the right shows ensure that your event will be special and remain in your memory for a long time to come.

We are more than happy to make recommendations regarding shows that complement your business, the goal of your event, and are also appealing to your guests.

Dancing horses show act

The award-winning artists enchant the audience with their acrobatic act – a mixture of powerful riding and dance-like acrobatics.

Their performances with torch-carriers and majestic horses constitute impressive highlights for many visitors, moments that are moving and linger in your mind for a long time afterward.

Their greatest strength is not so much fast and daring stunts but emotional, harmonious performances with powerful and athletic horses.

Top Show-Act Pferdeakrobatik
Please find here further ideas for rousing show-acts and entertaining social programs!

... rousing and always adapted to the likings of your guests ...

Let yourself be carried away by internationally known or talented young  artists who are just waiting to give your event the last "kick"! One of our Highlights was an exclusive outdoor concert by Raemonn with "Super  Girl" at a Customer Event.

But what Show-Act fits your event?

We  make sure that the show act is harmoniously integrated into the program objectives, while at the same time reflecting Corporate Philosophy  and/or products or just simply to amaze the audience.
Business Cabaret, a real highlight for
company events
... subtle humour with reference to your industry sector and to your company ...

Listen to a "lecture" full of energy, wit and humor. The brilliant entertainer knows how to put your business into the spotlight.

The speech is disguised as a boring lecture by an expert, but after some technical difficulties and witty remarks it quickly becomes clear:

This “expert” is a fake, who in reality is a great comedian with a perfect program ready to present to you. He makes everybody laugh and the audience listens spellbound.

This show is an exceptional highlight that will stay with you for a long time!
Jongleuer at a Middle Ages event
Walking act juggling
... an ideal accompanying program within the framework of a Middle Ages event

Whether swallowing fire or juggling knives and fruits at the same time, this artist promises a very vivid and impressive show.

Ideal for outdoor events and incentives. You get on stage faster than you think when you join in – but only if you really want to!
Shell game trickster in action: "Will you get wise to him ...?"
Shell game trickster
... always fascinating

Are you among those who believe that they’ve gotten wise to the tricks of the eloquent shell game trickster? Then you’re about to learn something!

With amazing dexterity, this artist succeeds every time in leaving the audience absolutely baffled.
Do you want to come to Hamburg and enjoy entertainment being harmoniously integrated into the program objectives? Perhaps you already saw something suitable among the show acts described above. Or ask us for more details about show acts consistent with hanseatic traditions.
We look forward to receiving your message by e-mail or directly by phone at: +49 (0)40 70 12 18 70.
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