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Teambuilding with a GPS orientation rallye in Hamburg
“As a dynamically growing company in the logistics industry we have aimed to improve communication across departments.”
All 120 employees of our company were invited to a one-day outdoor event. At the starting point we figured out the team members by way of a puzzle. After instructions on how to use the topographic maps and the GPS receivers, we set out as one of 12 teams on a trip through nature.

"Let's go that way or do we have to follow the narrow trail for another 200 meters to find the first point of contact?"

Right at the start we discussed the correct route and after a few misunderstandings we all agreed. No sooner was this first challenge mastered, extra points could be collected by passing through a spider's web (see photo below on the left). A little later the animal sounds quiz was on the program which was a lot of fun and elicited a few "wow factors".

At the next point of contact we had to find a hiding place under the root of a tree by using GPS coordinates. According to plan the team split up, and finally we were successful. Excited and highly motivated we went to a clearing where we enjoyed refreshments and a delicious picnic.

Halfway to the next point of contact we heard the rival teams having obviously a lot of fun too. A little later we had to use all our energy for the mountain bike relay; a new best time gave us a boost of energy for the archery, the final test. Here, however, we did not have our best day, but nevertheless one or the other arrow landed in the "black".

After a short bus ride to an idyllic country inn we enjoyed a rustic barbecue buffet, and dessert was followed by the highly anticipated awards ceremony. Out of a total of 12 teams we earned third place, but what was far more important: We have grown closer together as a team and got to know each other from a different angle and viewpoint, surely a good basis for further professional cooperation!”


Bowman aiming at the target

Teamwork with passing through the
spider`s web
"Are you looking for an event idea whose variety can`t be outplayed? If so please ask for information about our GPS-Rallye challenging your teams comprehensively."
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